• 1.Fulfilled 5 and above openings for 3 individual companies.
  • 2.Fulfilled more than 5 openings for one company in consecutive 5 years
  • 3.Recognized by many companies with the highest success rate among cooperated Human Resources partner.

    “O&C Consulting understands our needs for people and can react very quickly. It demonstrates what a good hunter would provide to our company, especially in high competitive talent war.” Jan 21, 2008

    “O&C Consulting shows what a professional career advisor shall be in Taiwan market especially focus on FMCG, Cosmetics and retail industries. She is in touch with talents and good employers and then provides excellent service to both parties.” Sep 30, 2007

    Payroll trend

    Candidate’s annual remuneration varies from principle companies to distributors in global Consumer related industry. Some companies provide more fixed parts while others provide more variable parts in terms of the annual remuneration.

    Market trend

    Most large global companies prefer candidates with stable working record and can leverage their experience from related industry.

    *Tips for interview

    *Tips for Resume

    *Career choice

    *Freshman only